Paint & Solutions products are believed to be free of defects, however, Paint & Solutions does not know how this product will be used, therefore Paint & Solutions does not warrant the products, and the BUYER assumes all risks for the use of the materials. Paint & Solutions is not liable for failures once the product is used in the field. Paint & Solutions products are at the discretion of the buyer without liability or obligation whatsoever of Paint & Solutions.

All items MUST be checked within 24 hours of receiving them to make sure everything is intact and enclosed. After 24 hours of receiving merchandise any items missing are considered lost by the party who received the merchandise.

All returns will be honored by credit or replacement of the product within the first 30 days. All returns MUST BE IN SAME BOXES RECEIVED IN AND ALSO WILL BE INSPECTED FOR DAMAGES AND SCRATCHES. If products are damaged there will be NO refund and the money-back guarantee is void. After 30 days there will be a 20% restocking fee.

Extreme Weather Conditions

Water-based paints and coatings may be damaged by extreme weather conditions. This can create problems when shipping to colder climates in the winter. Multi-Spec and some of the other products we sell are water-based and eco-friendly, so it is more susceptible to freezing than other paints.

We do our best to try and ensure it arrives unfrozen by insulating our packages, but freezing temperatures will cause the product to freeze, so there is no guarantee. Although we cannot accept returns on products that are damaged due to freezing, there are methods we recommend to minimize the risk.

We suggest if you expect freezing temperatures to occur while your order is in transit, follow these steps to help reduce the possibility of damage:

When placing your order, ask us to ship your order early in the week. This will decrease the risk that your order will not sit in a truck over the weekend.

Make sure your order is delivered to a location where someone will be able to accept the package and move it inside immediately. (Packages delivered and left outside are the most common reason products freeze.)